Thrust Modelling



Technical Notes

Uniquely TerraMod basin modelling software contains a layer type specifically designed to allow complex thrust systems to be modelled.

Thrust systems and inversions are rigorously simulated using geologically realistic models. Models developed are enormously powerful for interpreting implications for charge systems within thrust belts. TerraMod Limited also has 2D and 3D basin modelling systems available on a bureau basis


Terrains Successfully Modeled:

Piggy BackThrust Systems - External Zones

Emergent Thrust Systems - Frontal Zones and foreland Basins

Inversion on steep reactivated faults



Model thrust system development by modelling sequential emplacement of individual thrust sheets

Simulates a detailed pressure and temperature history within the thrust sheet.

Calculates heating rates - rate of increase of temperature affecting layers within the subsurface and not the same as heat flow and geothermal gradient - which are important in thrust belts where rapid subsidence associated with foreland basin deposition and thrust loading cause dramatic changes in thermal regime which affect timing of generation and expulsion of hydrocarbons within the thrust belt.

New Modular Upgrade to Standard TerraMod Basin Modelling System -

Incorporates Thrust Models with complex internal thrust sheet lithologies with up to 10 lithologically separate layers within each thrust sheet;

Incorporates ability to model passive roof duplex systems and ‘triangle zones’ by sequentially emplacing different lithologies as ‘intruded’ thrust sheets within the previously constructed model layers.

A PowerPoint slide show is available (on CD ROM, diskettes or direct download) for thrust modelling, which demonstrates the functionality of the software.